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Discussion in 'Tracks' started by pixsim, Oct 10, 2021 at 7:58 PM.

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    Hello Guys
    After many weeks, I admit than I need help to put a track in AC.
    I have seen some tutos on youtube also read the great post "Build your first track" Basic guide tutorial".
    But my first experiences are not positive.
    The mains issues:
    the car fall through the track in game. OK I have seen that it could be due to the object naming versus the name writed in the surface.ini
    the object have this name 1ROAD_RaceSurface01 , so for me it's look good.
    I also thought to a wrong AC_START_0 position , even with 2-5-10 m high , i have the same case.
    I start to think about a wrong workflow.

    First I meet some pb with AC editor , than I found really not ergonomic.

    My workflow
    1- from my 3d scene I extract the mesh in an obj ( so the 1ROAD_RaceSurface01.obj)
    2- import the obj in 3dsimed ( so all the initial mesh needed AC_START_0; AC_PIT_0, etc .. )
    3- set all the material needed
    4- export all the scene in kn5 file
    5- launch the game

    So my first questions
    any one use the same workflow with 3dsimed to build the first track structure ) ?
    is it really necessary to work with AC editor to mod for AC ?

    Thanks in advance for all advices
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    KsEditor is the official modding tool for AC, so yes, it is necessary. Especially if you want a decent result.

    A good workflow should be = Modeler -> FBX export -> KsEditor -> KN5

    Nothing against 3DSimEd, but it should not be used when building a new track…
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