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    Hi. If you are here, it means you either wish to support Assetto Corsa Mods or you're just clicking around in order to avoid that 'bit of annoying work that you'll still need to do sooner or later.. Anyhow, if you wish to support us, thank you ! A few words first:

    1/ This site is 100% FREE !
    All users, donating or not, have access to all the information on our website.

    2/ If you are here for a hit & run (i.e. download one specific resource from one specific user, never to come back again - which is fine btw) consider donating to (or also to) the artist instead. In our days, there is so much work going in a quality mod - hundreds of hours - so talented artists deserve some motivation & support.

    3/ Oh, you are still reading ? Thank you ! Like every website out there, ours also comes with some "parking fees" like hosting, domain, licenses, tech support, etc. From day 1, these costs were and will be paid privately, but we appreciate every bit of support - e.g. the price of 1 hour of parking in your city :). We would like to improve and extend the functionality of the website, especially with the imminent release of Assetto Corsa Competizione.

    Here are some ways to support us:

    paypal.png or patreon.png or kofi.png
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