Featured Simucube Quick Release system for DD wheels

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    Almost "out of the blue" a video appeared today:
    Over at Granite Devices, the guys behind the Simucube OSW, exciting stuff is going on. After announcing a wireless button adapter a while back, today we find out about a new Quick Release system for Direct Drive wheels. Any owner knows that a good QR is not something to ignore, because any play into the mechanism will add unwanted noise in the FFB. Now, there are of course good QR out there but there's only one problem: the price ! They cost basically almost as much as an entry level FFB wheel. Hopefully, Simucube team will change that. No price has been announced yet, so we can at least still hope.

    "The time for zero-flex, zero-backlash, direct drive proof quick release system is now! Simucube Quick Release has been designed to give the most transparent direct drive feel consistently, and without giving away it's rigidity over time a single bit.

    Current status is that we have first patch of final release candidate QRs manufactured. First volume patch is under manufacturing. More information about availability and pricing will be posted during the next days."

    Discussion and updates, happen there: https://community.granitedevices.com/t/simucube-quick-release-system-for-dd-wheels/2101
    Make sure to follow and support them on FB : https://www.facebook.com/simucube/

    Oh boy, is it wrong to be more excited about this than about ACC 0.5 ? :D

    Two more photos:
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