W.I.P. Leeds Loops WIP

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by Mr Whippy, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Jan 18, 2016
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    Continued from here:

    Sadly lots of the images are missing but I've uploaded a few of them here in a sorta sensible order.

    Initial layout was literally the loop right at the far left including the pits. But it was like 15s a lap in an F1 car. This one was a bit longer, but still a bit dull.

    So it ended up that this was probably the best compromise on workload and an interesting layout and length.

    Splines drawn over the photogrammetry re-captured HD G3D point cloud data outlining the asphalt.

    Splines all finished and starting to fill in with a roughly 1m quad mesh.

    Not the best way to fill in it all in in hindsight. More prep work on a copy of the base splines might have been better (cutting and normalising chunks of spline to near 1m intervals)
    There are swings and roundabouts to every workflow on a track. Cutting and normalising might take almost as much time as doing things manually, and given the cut and normalised splines are 'binned' afterwards it is also a waste of time if you later go back and tweak the base splines... the cut and normalised bits need remaking and merging again etc etc.

    Almost done.

    Close up of a bit. Mmmm, flowing mesh. Nice to have uniformity for when it gets conformed to Z data for the road crown, cambers, extruding out for pavements and so on.

    Here's a shot of the final road surface mesh.

    And one without the wireframe. Here I've just done a 4096x2048 px planar texture over the entire road and then baked the rgb from the point clouds of the G3D data and used it as a texture just to give me an idea of where things are etc.
    This is the version in Free Racer (not in AC yet) that I can drive around on just to check how smooth and correct things feel so far.
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    Jan 18, 2016
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    Here is the conforming mesh. It's lower density at this level, and has just enough detail to capture the camber/crown and hills/slopes
    This can then be conformed to my point cloud data using a statistical approach (multi-sampling, area sampling etc, so each vertex gets a good average of the location it 'lands' when conforming)

    The mesh is then sub-divided to add smoothness and detail.

    The visual mesh (1m grid) is then conformed to that conforming mesh.

    I can also play with conforming the 1m grid to the point cloud data (as bumpy as it turns out due to noise), and then morph the two meshes together (ie, use vertex paint to say where I want it smoother or the rougher data, or use a fixed blend amount etc)

    I can test all these quite quickly until I'm happy with the way it drives and looks. I think something like 20% noise at the sides, and more like 40% noise in the middle was feeling and looking natural... so all using real data, but picking and choosing the right amount for it to look and feel 'right' (right is so subjective without a HQ laser scan and even WITH a HQ scan :D )


    Buildings so far.

    Roughing in buildings from the HQ point cloud (from G3D images)
    As you can see the data is pretty good but not perfect.
    A lot of the time I'm still referencing the 2D HQ aerial images panned around to fit the right location, and then getting the roof line outline perfect, or exact proportions of things... then using the 3D data to get the Z info correct and the general positioning.

    Soooo much work to do.

    Main tasks are just keep roughing out 'correct' but not heavily detailed building meshes. Get all those in. Then kerbs/pavements up to the buildings so the track feels water tight.

    Then I can start thinking about track layouts and all that stuff and make it race-able, refine that side of things until it feels like a solid quality race course.

    Then hopefully interested parties can pick up buildings and up-res/texture them and it can become a combined effort (assuming there is interest) in finishing it up as a HQ city race course.

    Then all the props, trees, etc etc.
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    Jun 3, 2014
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    Hey, this is nice. Shows yet another approach on how one might tackle a (real) city track.

    So we have 4-5 wip tracks here, that might endup as great content. Until then, I'm sure we can learn a lot from each other.

    Thanks for sharing.

    PS: when the time comes, I'd like to join the buildings modelling task force :D. (don't worry Pixeldude, will not abandon LRP :p)

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  4. Willy Wale

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    Jan 12, 2017
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    I won't volunteer for texture duties as I'm not sure I have the skillz, but I will be making lamp-posts, bollards, rails, traffic lights, litter bins, and post boxes so we might be able to save each other some effort.
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  5. r@m

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    Jun 7, 2017
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    Good to see so much activity...track makers are rarer than rocking horse shit :D

    ....if you build it...they will come :ninja:
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  6. Mr Whippy

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    Jan 18, 2016
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    Good point. UK roads will share lots of similar furniture.

    I need to get a bit further on the Leeds track roughing out, and then I can basically block out all the furniture and see what is required.
    I'll probably do everything with nice HD/LP meshes, doing PBR workflow and bakes with normal maps etc, mainly so all the assets can be sold elsewhere too (ie, UDK/Unity workflows)

    I'm most looking forward to doing the bins. Part of me just wants to be able to drive around the track running over bins and watching them go flying haha :D
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  7. Norman Leslie

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    Aug 28, 2018
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    Mr Whippy, have you abandoned this poject?
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