TUTORIAL How to drive the perfect racing line

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    In case you are not familiar with this tutorial series, there are some great tips, perfect for getting your racing craft a step higher. Scott really seems to know his business, so I'm sure you'll find it an interesting watch. Here is the description of the first episode:

    How to drive the perfect racing line is a fundamental driving theory we need to master before we can be fast on circuit. From the braking point, through turn-in, apex (clipping point) and exit, the racing line is critical to lap time.

    Our first Driver’s Uni tutorials cover the very basics of circuit driving. Even if you’re an experienced circuit driver we recommend watching, as it’s important to understand the principles behind your driving.

    This video tutorial will cover some racing line tips including:

    • What is the racing line
    • What is the apex of a corner
    • The braking point, turn-in and exit phases of a turn
    • The geometric line
    • The ideal and fastest racing line
    • Racing lines for hairpins, medium speed and fast corners

    Watch and learn more THERE.

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