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    as a guy who always wanted to build tracks since playing NFS3 in my early days I finally found a game that allows to do that. I came to Assetto Corsa just about a week ago because I was looking for games to test my Oculus Quest and bought my first racing wheel a short time later.
    I have been using blender for several years, but I never got the skills to model something complicated as a realistic high-poly car. My mother tongue is german and I am completely new to sim racing (but I have been doing modelling for a train sim a long time ago).

    PS: I am thinking about selling my Quest again, as the advantages and disadvantages compared to a standard display cancel each other out. The leap from using a keyboard to a racing wheel was much more significant.
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    Willkommen :)

    AC it's a fantastic platform for modding. It's easy to start with and the final result can still look amazing. If you already know how to model, then the hardest part is covered.

    Have fun, looking forward to see the results.
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