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    Less than 24h left and we'll all get to see Assetto Corsa Competizione being "freed" into the wild, as a stand-alone 1.0 title. Support will not stop after that, but tomorrow is a very important day for Kunos, since it will mark another milestone in the small(still ?) studio's life.


    One of the most anticipated and discussed features of v1.0 was the "matchmaking". The relatively loose interpretation/understanding of what this actually means, led to a lot of complaints/disappointment on the official forum. And since the general understanding risked to fall on the opposite side, Kunos had to make a first official communication about it, about one week back:

    "Dear ACC racers,

    We have noticed some concerns over our forum post regarding a more detailed definition of the feature "matchmaking" and multiplayer.

    This topic has been widely shared and discussed over various platforms, resulting in and alluding to an incorrect conclusion that Assetto Corsa Competizione will not feature any matchmaking feature and that the 1.0 version will only come with a simple server list when it comes to "how to join a multiplayer race" inside the title.

    Even though ACC will release in a short time, we would like to clarify the situation in order to allow all current or future customers to be clear about this whole topic. We invite you to keep in mind the following:

    - Our Dev. Blog forum post aimed to clarify that ACC will not feature any automatic scheduling of multiplayer races, and we would like to underline that nothing of the sort was ever promised during the Early Access programme.

    - Assetto Corsa Competizione does feature multiplayer matchmaking. This feature is made possible thanks to a brand new Rating System (that will evolve together with the game after release in order to work even better), and it will help all players to automatically join the best match according to their skills and safety on track. Our system will first sort the servers giving the proper weight to players' preferences and rating indicators and secondly allow them to:

    A) Press a Quick Join button that will automatically connect them to the theoretical best match;

    B) Select their preferred server from a filtered server list on the ACC multiplayer page.

    Anyone expecting an automatic scheduled racing system, featuring a calendar, a booking system and continuously updating leagues misunderstood what was stated by Kunos Simulazioni; on the other side, all reacting to this with the feeling that an automatic matchmaking function would have been missing can hopefully feel better now."

    And finally, last Friday, @Minolin detailed a 'bit more the way the multiplayer and the "competition" part of ACC will work. In short (will write a separate post with all details):
    1. Competition Rating is now active, and introduce a new "Competition Server" type. Given quite high SA requirements, you can join those servers to compete with other users in more serious races.
    2. The Competition Rating (CP) now unlocks with Racecraft Rating (RC), no need to grind 50 RC in order to compete in the new Competition servers.
    3. New "Quick Access Multiplayer Menu" - Quickjoin into Public Multiplayer, enter the Competiton servers - or advance to the old server list.
    4. Max server capacity changed: It now linearly depends on rating requirements set up for this server. 45 SA equals 24 cars, 70+ SA can run 30 cars.
    5. Entry list options for server admins and leagues.
    6. Teams and corresponding driver swaps can now be configured by server admins.
    7. Spectator mode is now active: Server admins can setup spectatorSlots and the password to use, which joins a server without car.
    8. First Race director commands.
    9. Broadcasting API is active again.
    10. Better information about session and countdown during race preparation phase.

    Aside from the features that will come with v1.0, we'll also see the content list finally populated.

    The missing tracks:
    • Brands Hatch
    • Silverstone
    • Spa Francorchamps
    • Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
    The missing cars (2018 season):
    • Porsche 911 GT3 R
    • Mercedes-AMG GT3
    • McLaren 650S GT3
    • Lexus RC F GT3
    • Audi R8 LMS
    • Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3
    • Acura Honda NSX GT3
    • Lamborghini Gallardo REX
    The 2019 season will come as a free update during summer 2019 (..or maybe later, because #gamedevs).

    That being said, once all the puzzle pieces fall into place tomorrow, the first combo I'll fire is the Porsche @Spa ! :rolleyes:


    *and inb4 @garyjpaterson makes his remarks, YES, I know the above shot is not on Spa.. :lol:

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    so who likes it and who doesn't ? I think its a great evolution. but it feels so different. so much more comfort between 0 and 97% to the limits edge. whether its realistic or not and even if its not, I love those physics all combined. only more evolution and understanding can seem to make it better. but what is better now really ? when is peak sim production anyway :lol:.

    and when is codemasters f1 licence due for renewal exactly because kunos deserve that.
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  3. luchian

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    Not yet decided. At first touch, the overall feel is less enjoyable than 0.7, but I need to reset all settings and spend some more time with it.
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    I am not disappointed. Only found time for a couple of laps but so far so good.
    But man... my triple monitors 970 GTX setup is struggling a lot. :eek::eek::eek:
    So no flashing new graphics for me
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