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    Once again, Kunos keeps strictly to their announced schedule. Today is release day for update 0.4. Aside the multiple fixes and improvements, we have new content : the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the Hungaroring circuit. I would however NOT minimize one feature, very dear to my heart: Broadcasting Mode SDK to ACC - yes, broadcasting is definitely an important part of the current simracing movement. Notice the SDK part, because it's important. It marks the first "official" modding capabilities of ACC.

    Ferrari 488 GT3
    The racing versions of the 488 GTB are the successors to the 458 Italia GTC and GT3. They have more aggressive bodywork compared to the GTE and GT3 specs of the 458 Italia thanks to the new 2016 FIA GTE and GT3 regulations, they retain the same engine used in the road car. In 2016 the 488 GTE was entered by AF Corse in the FIA World Endurance Championship, competing also in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans, while Risi Competizione lined it up in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Both the 488 GTE and GT3 were designed by Marco Fainello and unveiled at the 2015 Finali Mondiali Ferrari which took place at Mugello.

    Hungaroring circuit

    The Hungaroring is a motorsport race track in Mogyoród, Hungary where the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix is held. In 1986, it became the location of the first Formula One Grand Prix behind the Iron Curtain. Bernie Ecclestone wanted a race in the USSR, but a Hungarian friend recommended Budapest. They wanted a street circuit similar to the Circuit de Monaco to be built in the Népliget – Budapest's largest park – but the government decided to build a new circuit just outside the city near a major highway. Construction works started on 1 October 1985. It was built in eight months, less time than any other Formula One circuit. The first race was held on 24 March 1986, in memory of János Drapál, the first Hungarian who won motorcycle Grand Prix races. The circuit has FIA Grade 1 license.

    The Grand Prix is held in the middle of summer, which is usually extremely hot and dry in this region. Its first wet Grand Prix race was in 2006. The circuit is normally dusty due to underuse throughout the rest of the year and its sandy soil. As the circuit is in a valley about 80 percent of it can be seen from any point.

    Normally, an underused circuit becomes faster over the weekend as the track surface gathers more rubber residue; however, with the Hungaroring this generally does not happen, because the track can get dusty so quickly. The track frequently becomes faster during a qualifying session, which leads competitors to try for their best lap as late as possible.

    The twisty and bumpy nature of the circuit makes overtaking very difficult in dry conditions, the circuit is nicknamed "Monaco without the buildings" for this reason.

    Gameplay additions
    The new build of Assetto Corsa Competizione is not limited to new content, but offers specific gameplay additions to enhance the level of realism, such as the custom, Sprint and Endurance races, now available also for the multiplayer, allowing players to challenge each other in a full racing weekend, with free practice and qualifications.
    The custom racing weekend includes a standard racing scenario for those willing to compete using classic settings: free practice, qualification, race.
    The Endurance and Sprint modes realistically recreate the Blancpain GT Series ruling, defining the qualification and racing slots for each driver involved in the race.

    Broadcasting Mode
    Build 0.4 of Assetto Corsa Competizione introduces a first version of the Broadcasting Mode SDK - to the delight of the modding fans which made the original Assetto Corsa even more popular. A new application in the installation folder of the game will allow Steam users to share in streaming and comment the multiplayer races of Assetto Corsa Competizione. Thanks to this new Open Source app, users gain access to a real control room (with camera-swap commands, interactive cams and additional options for editors and commentators) - which will progressively expand thanks to the most talented modders.


    Overall, a very nice update, before the winter holidays. See you on January 16th :D.

    V0.4.0 Changelog
    - New Ferrari 488 GT3
    - New Hungaroring circuit
    - Preview: Race weekends in Multiplayer
    - Added version 1 of the Broadcasting SDK (including test/example application)
    - Fixed look around in chase camera
    - Added Lock to Horizon option for Cockpit cameras (Alt+H to toggle, Shift+H and Ctrl+H to increment/decrement partial effect)
    - Added Confirm popup for NextSession, Restart, Pits and Quit button in ingame menu
    - Mirror options are now split in two: "Quality" and "View distance"
    - Added Fuel indicator in car HUD
    - Added Laps information for Hotstint online leaderboards on "Special events" page
    - Corrected brake heat influence on core tyre temps
    - Adjustments in cars inertia
    - Adjustments in tyre model and tyre flex, should result in better kerb behaviour
    - Added TC2 (TC initial cut) feature of F488. Physics, Controls, Setup
    - Fixed Tyres IMO (Inside Mid Outside) HUD visualisation
    - Fixed Ferrari 488 AI stopping without fuel in long races
    - Fixed wrong car systems during replay
    - Added lap tag in the replay HUD
    - Fixed cumulative automatic highlights endtime
    - Instant replay support for Broadcast app
    - Fixed focused car when entering or leaving replay
    - Fixed wrong time session start after a restart/next session
    - Fixed potential exterior camera issues for multiplayer
    - Fixed potential wrong near plane during starting sequence
    - Fixed proximity indicator according to the focused car
    - Added new skins for featured cars
    - Car dash luminosity readjusted for new exposure values
    - New Total (TO) rating representing strength and completeness (visible in the Rating Profile)
    - New driver category (visible in the Rating Profile)
    - CarControl Rating adjustments: alien performance now will still have overdrive, but less significant
    - CarControl Rating adjustments: very good driving performance will show values of CC 95+
    - TR/CN/CC: Fixed false-positive detection of "way too hard" for bends and kinks
    - Hotstint now shows laps in the menu leaderboard
    - Hotstint gaps now correctly display lap gaps / time gap within the same lap
    - Added backend connection state indicator to relevant menu pages
    - Added HUD page for broadcasting
    - Added HUD page with the current timetables
    - Holding TAB will temporarily show the timetables HUD page
    - Prevent Ambient sound to play during in game menu
    - Improved camera fading when switching cameras 
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    Restart Steam, and let it do its stuff.

    v0.4.1 Changelog
    - Fixed occasional driver model flashes in the Ferrari 488 GT3
    - Fixed slightly offset cockpit and dashboard cameras in the Ferrari 488 GT3
    - Added interior endurance lighting in the Ferrari 488 GT3
    - Fixed Sprint race fuel estimation
    - Fixed Cup Category and car bodykit when Free event type is selected (Practice, Quickrace etc)
    - Fixed replay after multiplayer skip session
    - Fixed lap marks for Replay hud
    - Fixed wrong track starting condition that was forcing dry setup
    - Improved Hungaroring AI line
    - Fixed high pitch noise during a burnout
    - Removed gearbox compressor sound on Ferrari 488 GT3 
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    Probably last update, before the holidays.

    v0.4.2 Changelog
    - Fixed AI pit strategy when restarting the session
    - Fixed transmission whine not audible in cockpit views
    - Tweaked transmission whine for Lamborghini Huracàn GT3
    - Improved reverberation for Nurburgring pit alarms
    - Tweaked tire puncture sound
    - Fixed some surfaces sounds not audible driving in reverse
    - Added end race simulation for the car who are not able to cross the line during Post session time
    - Fixed team strategy timing issues in next sessions
    - Fixed final standing bug with lapped cars
    - Fixed various softlock issues with rapidly going in and out of the options menus
    - Fixed enter not working as default selector button in the for control assignment screen
    - Fixed control assignment popup not being closeable with Esc
    - Fixed softlock going in and out of the meteo, realism, assists screens
    - Track selection is now persistent in all single player game modes
    - Fixed camera when opening the replay twice in a row from the menu
    - Fixed car state during replay
    - Text keyboard input in VR ("Save" and "Rename" in Car Setup and Controller Setup, and "Server search by name" in the Multiplayer page)
    - Fixed some possible multiplayer crashes
    - Fixed a crash in VR when skipping Race 1 in a Race Weekend
    - Fixed incorrect flashing light when opponent visibility is not set to ALL
    - Fixed possible crash entering the game
    - Fixed wrong start resolution/mode in some cases
    - Fixed hotstint length not setting properly
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