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Renault Clio Cup 197 1.1 + sound_fix

The Clio Cup 197, by virtualdrivers.org

  1. luchian

    The guys over at virtualdrivers.org have brought the Renault Clio Cup 197 to Assetto Corsa. This fun little car is based on an older version created originally for rFactor, so probably some tweaks might come along the way, but until then, you can have a lot of fun throwing it in all directions on the virtual tracks :).

    And if you wish to try other tracks than the ones included in the official package, don't forget to check our track download section.

    This is mod is under constant development, so if you feel you have some feedback or suggestions so don't forget to post a comment; we'll make sure it reaches the right ears.

    1/ If it's the first time downloading the mod, you can ignore this. Otherwise, completely REMOVE last folder renault_clio_cup_197 and replace it with this one.

    Version 1.1 [March 3rd, 2015]
    - Suspensions edit strut
    - New drivetrain
    - New setup
    - Fixed aero
    - New fuel tank position
    - New tyres grip
    - Added data.acd (for MP use)

    - New dashboard
    - New front lights
    - New LCD board texture
    - Fixed windows reflection

    Release log v 1.0[February 28th, 2015]
    - Template: [Skin, Rims, Windows] included in folder Renault_Clio_Cup_197
    - Extra Skin Pack : French Championship [CDF], which you can find HERE
    - Data: from the real technical specs according to real clio cup drivers
    - Testing: All virtual drivers in the French Championship [CDF]

    Help: FFB is very strong and a lot of dumping; if you want less, change FFB in game and in setup (FFB according to car setup), test setup to feel if right for you.

    Base setup attached on the forum post.


    Some of the skins included in the base pack:


    COPYRIGHT @2015
    All autorization from CCS
    Edit: Sound by Frracers and ECS apparently, remade via Fmod
    Interior from eddy3spain
    Exterior remade from CCS with new front face, rear bumper, door and light
    Mod convert to CCS2011 from rfactor
    Realized for Assetto Corsa by virtualdrivers.org
    Peksis and Stazer92
    Do not change or modify car without autorization
    If you want help or modify it was pleasure please contact : admin@virtualdrivers.org or https://www.facebook.com/virtualdrivers.org

Recent Reviews

  1. Vic
    Version: 1.1
    Im biased as I own this car in real life
    1. luchian
      Author's Response
      You own this car ?! Wow !
      How does it behave compared to the real thing ? Does it really have this much grip ? :)