The Parking Interview 0.4.0

The famous parking-garage from Driver recreated inside Assetto Corsa

  1. luchian
    Hello racers & drifters & cruisers & spectators,

    With some considerable delay from initial planned date, here is the first public version of my still work-in-progress parking. As you know the original idea was to offer the possibility to recreate the parking interview from Driver game, but meanwhile the idea evolved (way) beyond that. However, there is still work to do, so in this first release only the Level 1 of the parking is available + the ramp towards Level 2, to get a taste of it :)

    Also worth mentioning that initial plan was to release only the finished version; but 'because life' :), and because I would like to have some feedback on gameplay and bugs, decided to publish this. Work will continue, plenty of things to implement. Both graphic wise and gameplay wise.

    A short list of things to come (but not limited to):
    - add piping works (rain, fire)
    - add electrical works (cables, cabinets, ..)
    - define pedestrian alleys and access
    - signs, commercials and info placements
    - give access to level 2
    - give access to level 0
    - create a course using 1, 2 or all 3 levels <== here is where you can make suggestions :).
    - define and implement optimum number of pits, start positions
    - texture rework
    - and much more.

    There are a number of 8 pits scattered around the level 1, so if you'd wish to populate the parking a little bit, select Race Weekend, add opponents and hit Drive. (as there is no AI line, they will remain in pit positions).
    - if you'd like to make the pit crew disappear, set the world detail to "very high" instead of maximum. You won't loose any other eye candy on this level.

    Missing features:
    - AI not working for now, as there is no defined course yet.
    - No check-list for maneuvers (don't know if it will ever be possible)
    - No stopwatch

    Known issue(s):
    Since introduction of PP effects, I can't seem to find the right settings for the interior scenes. Sometimes it looks ok with PP3, other times with PP5, other times with none. Please share your findings, I'd be curious to see some screenshots/settings from other systems :).

    Please DO NOT upload this somewhere else without my consent. I'd like to be able to have some measurements about the general interest and judge if/how the project should be extended. Feel free to share the link though :).


    Here are a few screens and a video:


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