Motorpark Romania 0.4.0

Very early version of Motorpark circuit situated in Adancata, Romania

  1. luchian
    Hi all,
    New update for the track. I have included the ini files in the previous posts, but most importantly we now have a physics layer (first run; only on the main loop - this way we can compare better). Give it some laps, with friends or AI :).

    Appreciate all feedback, but please be constructive. Have fun.

    -added pits fences
    -added TV cam set 1
    -added TV cam set 2 (by Gabriel44)
    -added physics layer (first version) for main loop
    -added brake markers, as in a normal ROTAC day (thanks to Radu Dumitrescu for a good video reference lap)
    -tweaked road shader
    -corrected surfaces.ini (sorrrrryyy, stupid mistake)
    -extended number of PITS (18) and START grid positions (18)
    -added marshal posts
    Let's see if we can "validate" the road.

Recent Updates

  1. Physics layer (& goodies)
  2. Small fix
  3. Final Road (maybe)
  4. Test that turn

Recent Reviews

  1. M.Georgescu
    Version: 0.3.1
    thanks this is great!
  2. Gabriel44
    Version: 0.3.1
    You are a master! Congratulations, man. I can not wait to add the surroundings, very important as landmarks. The street feels pretty good. I think more bumps should be added to the starting line. Congratulations!!! Sper sa-ti faca cu ochiul si Transilvania Motor Ring :D
    1. luchian
      Author's Response
      "Feel" wise, nothing is IN yet. We are driving on the visual layer. Once this is frozen (after some more feedback) I will build the physical layer. And THAT will be the one to judge :).
  3. botnaru.sergiu94
    Version: 0.1b ALPHA
    Very promising mod! I was so surprised to find it as I'm interested in driving on this track IRL after I went there and watched a trackday. Congratulations! Waiting for updates.
    Felicitări pentru iniţiativă!
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