Mercedes-Benz W125 0.79

1937 grandprix car

  1. Small update

    -Few small texture and material improvements;
    -Little bit more fuel tank capacity, and slightly less fuel consumption;
    -Small tweaks for tires. They should feel tiny bit less edgy now, but those who terribly sucked at driving this car before, will probably still suffer badly, I can't help you.

    ^^^One way to hit an apex with W125. In case you wonder, I survived this and it wasn't so hard. But I don't recommend to powerslide W125 a lot.
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  2. Car handling update

    I want to appologise for everyone whom this quick update might seem inconvenient, but I did end up driving the car more than I was planning, and couldn't help noticing things that I disliked. Basically I disliked floatyness of the car. I hope not to rush any other update soon, or too soon.

    I have altered plenty of tire parameters. Tire now should feel more precise, and less tolerating huge slips. Overall tire should feel quite good, notice that the real trouble of these tires is their...
  3. Version 2019

    Development was sparse, and after long time with big gaps between work on this mod I can't name all the differences. But there is quite a bit.

    Huge thanks for Gary for implementing driver and suspension animations, which I was always scared of myself. Also thanks for early feedback on some physics details.

    Big thanks for Tibor Solyom who has also provided help on the mod, and also a lot of interest and personal support.

    And shame on me not to get model up to a proper standard and not...
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