Mercedes-Benz W125 0.79

1937 grandprix car

  1. mantasisg
    Physics: Jason Coates, and a little bit me

    Suspension animations by Gary, thank you.

    Model is not finished, blame me (pls don't).

    Sound is by iRacer, addapted from his other car, quite incomplete. If you would like to make sound for this car, feel free to contact me and team up. Just in case you'll feel too tired pursuing that masterpiece with your Ableton finally.


Recent Updates

  1. Small update
  2. Car handling update
  3. Version 2019

Recent Reviews

  1. goku supersayan
    goku supersayan
    Version: 0.79
    what an amazing car and what amazing years !!
  2. asehauDLM
    Version: 0.79
    Amazing car, thank you!
  3. sk8
    Version: 0.79
    That sound!!
  4. SimRacer66
    Version: 0.79
    What a beautiful car! Thank you so much!
  5. Spike
    Version: 0.79
  6. Raymond Racing
    Raymond Racing
    Version: 0.79
    Excellent rival to Gary Paterson's Auto Union Type C and just as challenging to drive. There are a few minor graphical issues however; such as the top of the wheels being shaded despite there being no arches and the exhaust flames are incorrectly aligned with the rear-left suspension components instead of the exhaust.
  7. Iggy_82
    Version: 0.79
    Very good looking mod that is very fun to race against the Auto union type c on the avaliable Pre War tracks.
  8. somake
    Version: 0.79
    amazing better and better keep going to v1.0
    keep in mind that it's the history of sports car
    to admire in the largest VIRTUAL automobile museum : ASSETTO CORSA
    thanks for this beauty
  9. Tiki Master
    Tiki Master
    Version: 0.79
    Very nica
    1. mantasisg
  10. Kondor999
    Version: 0.79
    Please disregard my earlier review. I had an equipment problem. Simply put, I love this car. Once you accept that big lurid slides aren't the way to drive it, it's incredibly fun/challenging to balance throttle and steering input in a way that consistently walks the tightrope of the cars *very* limited grip. This car will teach you throttle control in a way that makes a 917/10 or Can-Am car feel like a modern GT3 by comparison. Once you master it, the car feels more consistent than the AU Type C, and that "feels" right to me. Simply Glorious.
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