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1981 Datsun 720 King Cab 0.7.1

A 1981 Datsun 720 in "drift" version, by Bobskype & co.

  1. luchian
    After the Seat Ibiza, AC member Bobskype releases another wip, again a street car, again with some classic flavor. A fun ride, described by the author:

    "Things that still need work:
    -Collision box
    -Exhaust (flames)
    -Real solid axle
    -Suspension animations

    This is the first version of the Datsun, a drift version. Comes with a lot of steering lock, custom suspension, and a GM LQ4 V8. Four different tire types: Street, Semislicks, Slicks Hard, and Magic. The hard slicks are mostly right off the DTM E30. Magic tires are basically the Street tires, but with zero wear and zero heat build up (for drifting :p)

    Right now it has a faked rear axle, using a DWB type suspension. Lunae and I have done a lot of tuning to get the thing to where it's at. Please do NOT EDIT THE PHYSICS, use the in game adjustments in the pits for that. Please do NOT modify or reupload without my permission. Please make some skins for it though. :)"

    Body PSD file is located in the skins folder, titled 'bodypaint.psd'. There is a saved selection in the PSD for just the body paint. Hopefully it will be easy for everyone. :)

    And a final note: This is another project I started this morning. I made this mesh, unlike the Ibiza, and was originally made for BeamNG. I made like 7 variants originally, however, for AC I'm only doing one or two right now. First one will be a "race" version, with an LQ4 GM v8, T56 6 speed manual transmission, coilovers all around, rack n pinion steering, big Nissan Z32 brakes, and sticky tires. I do want to port over the stock version too, but I want proper solid axle support for the rear end before I do that."

    Credits go to:
    Jalkku: Seats, steering wheel
    Pankykapus: Sounds originally from Cobra, tweaked very slightly for this
    Pankykapus: Driver position moved
    Lunae: Suspension fine tuning, feedback
    Bobskype: Everything else

    Thank you Bob for the permission to upload.

    A few screens :

    datsun_shots_02.jpg datsun_shots_01.jpg datsun_shots_03.jpg datsun_shots_05.jpg datsun_shots_04.jpg

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  1. crashtestdummy
    Version: 0.7.1
    They aren't :P (as far as I can see).
  2. Anonymous
    Version: 0.7.1
    Anonymous ratings/reviews shouldn't be an option.