Very cheap Head Tracking that works perfectly

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    Last week I tried the headtracking. After finally connecting my wiimote to my PC via a new bluetooth adapter, (i lost my old BT adapter with which it worked better), i noticed that the wiimote does not seem to see my homemade IR_TRacker. That's why I searched for alternatives. With success.

    I would like to introduce you to the Aruco Tracker.


    First, you need a webcam with a high frame rate. I recommend the PS3 cam here. I bought my for 10 € in the second hand video game shop around the corner. Driver:

    Then you print out a marker that you can generate here.

    Preferably several in different sizes for testing.

    This sticks it to firmer material and attaches it to your head, I've attached it to the GoPRo headband with a rubber. Works perfectly.

    Just download Opentrack.

    and download and install Freetrack:

    Now you choose the following settings in opentrack:



    Now press START!


    Ingame you can reset the Head position with P.

    Hint to use any headtracking device in AC you had to Go to options>general and tick "Force 32bit"

    Here my Aruco Tracker ingame footage, feels so real when driving:

    This is optimized for Pro Logic, so if you have a Dolby Prologic Surround System, use the Hall Mode and enjoy the deep engine sound. ( Dolby Pro Logic is the only possibility to play yt-vids with surround sound.)

    P.S: The tracker works without any problems in daylight and at night with a 20 watt energy saving lamp @75fps camera framerate.
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