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    It's true that Assetto Corsa has some user-friendly explanations in the car setup screen, to help you fine-tune the car before the race. However, if you are not familiar with the "engineering" side behind all that, you might have a hard time knowing where to start.

    That's where this section comes into play. It has mainly two roles:

    1/ discuss the logic, discuss the tools, discuss and share the know-how.
    2/ share race-ready setups, forged in your garages and proven in the track battles.

    How it should work:
    1/ a thread prefix will be created for each car, so we can easily filter when looking for one.
    2/ thread naming should be something like:
    [abarth500] RACE_SET @Silverstone International
    [bmw_1m] QUALI_SET @Silvestone National
    3/ ideally a few words on the setup, like timings, handling, type of race, no of laps..

    Hope to learn a lot of things here :).
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