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Featured STREAM Look What The Cat Hacked In - S2E06 - Teenage Dreams

Discussion in 'News Timeline' started by assettocorsamods, Sep 20, 2015.

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    Look What The Cat Hacked In - S2E06 - Teenage Dreams

    In this episode of Look What The Cat Hacked In... Stefano wins a race. Stefano rage-quits a race. Stefano thinks about Aris' sleep hours.

    All joking and Top Gear references aside, everyone dreamt about the Countach in their teenage years, didn't they? Well, I'm actually too young to know that, but it has to be this way. This car is the definition of awesome!

    Good thing that Kunos showed it in today's episode of the Look What The Cat Hacked In, along with the Audi R8 LMS Ultra and the GT40. And where will you see that many poster cars racing one another? You can watch the full episode below, or, like we've spoiled you in the last weeks, you can read the detailed breakdown of the video further below. Enjoy! :)

    General stuff
    • New camera and animations after the game loads. No longer the camera rotates around the car (or shows parts of the track, as originally planned for 1.3), instead you have a 1st person point-of-view, looking at your car with the door open. It looks pretty neat!
    • The second layout of the Barcelona can be seen in the video. Stefano races the Countach @ Barcelona, the MotoGP layout and shows us that the Countach looks faster than it actually is. :D
    • Audi R8 LMS Ultra was shown. The car isn't finished, but it already looks delicious.
    • Stefano has started working on a documentation regarding the INI files. It will appear in the forums later on, when it's complete.
    • Single player pitstops are coming later, not in 1.3.

    Tyre model

    • With version 5 of the tyre model you want to avoid locking up your tyres. It will send you right off the track, as demonstrated live while racing by Kunos.
    • Zonda R, 599XX, Formula Abarth, Lotus Evora, GT2 & GT3 cars have the latest tyre model. It's also fair to assume that the new cars will also have. The list may not be complete.


    Q: A bit off-topic, but is there a way to change text colour of the apps?

    A: No, every app decides the colour.

    Q: About setting the FF with the keyboards. So when you load the car, it will also load the last FF value? It will be by track or will it be the same value for all the tracks?
    A: It will be the same value for all tracks, so basically it will be by car.

    Q: Will there be variable brake vent cooling option when brake heat comes in?
    A: Probably, probably there will be.

    Q: Is there any way to adjust the tyre PSI with temperature?
    A: I think there is a file in the tyre model that does that. Oh no, there isn't; so the answer is no.

    Q: Is it possible to add rear-view camera from inside the car? Looking through the rear-window instead of the rear-bumper camera.
    A: Possible to add an option to set where the camera will be.

    Q: Can you tell us which feature are new and which features were dropped for 1.3?
    A: We dropped the DRS racing (where DRS could enabled only if you were < x seconds behind the car in front), the car options (implementing S versions just like the track layouts).

    Q: Is 1.3 running on schedule?
    A: It will come as scheduled. The only thing that can stop it is if there is a major issue in multiplayer, which the guys will test tomorrow. It will come before the end of the month, and even if there is a delay, that would be only a couple of days.

    Q: What does the AI do different when the level is lowered below 100%?
    A: The speed through corners is lower and the braking is slower (earlier).

    Q: Will it be possible to map the buttons for turbo on the controller?
    A: That's another feature that we want to do, but it was dropped for 1.3.

    Q: Could we have an anti-roll bar adjustable on-the-fly?
    A: I think that's pretty rare for a race car. I think Indy Car does it, but I don't know about any other car that has it. I don't see why we couldn't have that.

    Q: Any improvement in the multiplayer code?
    A: No. Ah, I forgot! The new Go version might help to improve server performance provided there was a problem there already...

    Q: Will it be possible to change cars in multiplayer without leaving and rejoining the server?
    A: No. That was a design choice 4 years ago, because it makes many things way simpler. I think it's a good balance between what you get in return and the problem that it gives.

    Q: Any plans for engine stall?
    A: Well, I coded it in, but we didn't have time to discuss it and make plans. So at the moment, no, there is no plan.

    Q: Now that there is the 64-bit can we expect tracks with more than 24 pits?
    A: No. The very simple reason is that whatever number I put there, people will ask for that number + X. It's a never ending quest.

    Q: How much will the DLC cost?
    A: I cannot answer that question yet. We're decided on the pricing and you will have more information soon.

    Q: How much in general car manufacturers are friendly about providing the cars' data, specifically with the race cars?
    A: It really depends. With race cars, usually teams are quite friendly; it depends on the team. With AC's increasing popularity, more and more teams know us and are very friendly. Car manufacturers, as you can imagine, you have to sign many NDAs, and now... I cannot tell you which ones are good, and which ones are not. There are some that give you everything you ask for, and some that don't give you anything.

    Q: Could Aris get on your stream?
    A: That would rock! I don't think it can be done on YouTube, I think it has to something like a Hangout, but yeah, I think it's a nice idea - a Hangout where also Aris and Simone are there.
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