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BLOG Kunos is human !

Discussion in 'Blog Timeline' started by assettocorsamods, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. assettocorsamods

    assettocorsamods Administrator Staff Member

    May 30, 2014
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    Within a time frame of 4 days the Kunos team teased us with quite a few awesome status updates/news. It all started on Friday when against a not so friendly weather, they gave us a glimpse of the preparation fever before "the" journey ! Some driving hours later, they are safe and sound arrived at location but actual work would start the next day. And why not start a good day of work with a "spoiler".. say like.. a Toyota GT86 ! Now let's add track data, car data, videos/photos, the meeting with the RUF team.. things sound and look really productive for them, and really awesome for us !

    Here's the story in photos, shared on their FB page.


    And to top it out, one last one, captioned "..and an important partnership that will be unveiled in the next few days. Stay tuned !" Don't you just love it ?


    I can't relate to these guys like towards a "we just want your money" company. It really feels like they are as passionate to creating great things as we are to enjoy them. It feels like you know them, it feels like they are one of your long time friends who communicate with you like one would. No bling, no politics, no big words. Just content and facts.
    What is it that Kunos has that seems to just crush the myth of "car licenses are impossible to get these days ?". Is it the fact that these guys really go out on the field instead of mailing out ? is it because of their human approach ? is it because they really know their business ? is it really because they are truly passionate about it and this always shows in whatever they do ? And if one is at least as passionate about cars as they are, one cannot simply say "no" ? is it simply because Assetto Corsa's engine is so believable ?

    Maybe all of this and some more, or maybe none.. but whatever it is.. don't stop AC Team !

    For me it just resumes to "Kunos is human !" And I love that.

    What does it feel for you ?

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