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    Jan 7, 2015
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    HI ALL ...... FEDEX...
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    hi FedEx

    so... I am a Photoshop artist. I am 40 years old and I have been using design tools for about 17 years. I have amassed some skill in a few areas I believe. but I am one awkward person who, for some reason insists on doing things a bit differently as you will see in the form of the details in my first project.... my project will be hand drawn which means very little tiling textures. it will also have a poly structure build quite different to anything seen before. for the last few years whilst racing sims very nearly died of death :lol:, I have been interested in flight sim design. and well I am merely bringing a few ideas over from that to the racing sim scene. I predominantly use photography for my textures with the light pain stakingly removed and separated for use in the shaders. ....


    p.s. so who else is here. introduce your good selves my fellow simmers. anyone very old who participated in rfactor design back in the day™ ? anyone remember IDT or GMT modding groups ?
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