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Discussion in 'Sounds' started by WalkerAW11, Mar 17, 2018.

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    Hello, this is my first post on this site after lurking for a while, I learnt from here how to convert my first car and sort the audio out for it which has all worked out great so thank you to the users who did the write ups on those guides!

    However, on my second car it has a turbocharger and I'm having trouble getting the triggers for the sounds right in FMod, I've searched the web for info but come up with nothing, the Audio Pipeline PDF also has no information on it. The problem I have is getting the wastegate sounds to play the right file, at the right time and with the right volume and pitch etc.

    I've found a few ways of doing it with a single sound easy enough, my first had just the one sound that played when the bov parameter was at .90-1.0 and volume was automated to mute it below ~70% boost so it woudn't sound at low levels. I don't know the proper way to do it but that worked for a spell, now I'm getting to the end of making the car and I'd like it so that when you let off at high boost you get a strong sound file play, but coming off throttle at around the mid boost level would give more of a flutter sound as in real life.

    I managed to get this to work crudely by putting the two files on the bov channel at .95-1.00 and set trigger parameters for boost on each, the strong would play when the pressure dropped to .9 bar, and the weaker one at .3. The problem I had then was that the weak would play straight after the strong as the boost lowered, I can't seem to find a way to make it only play if the strong one has not already. There must be something simple I'm missing, am I doing this completely the wrong way?

    Apologies if this is a mess, trying to cram all the info I have in here...
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    Yes i saw the date of this question which inspired no one but i have a question myself related to turbo sound:

    How to make the BOV noise to been heard outside the car in the Replay ( the turbo shine is audible but not the BOV despite it is a stonger sound and it works inside the car on replay) ?

    Like for 'Audi_90_Quattro_IMSA_GTO_1989_v1.9' or 'Audi.Quatro.silouete.KRB'

    for the initial post, may be by using a trigger condition on the BOV volume with a probability of zero on the opposite range?

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