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Discussion in 'Blog Timeline' started by assettocorsamods, Jun 2, 2014.

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    I was reading about Assetto Corsa quite some time before it was launched, and didn’t really know what to think.. I am an LFS’er from 2004 or so, and even though I have enjoyed the “usual suspects” (rF, GTR, GTR2, Race07, …) I never could really get into other sim than LFS. It was the only one that seemed credible enough for my brain.. the only one where the cars were (almost always) really doing what I would expect’em to do..

    ..and then came Tech Preview, February 2013, and I was sold.


    It only took me a few minutes in the Lotus Elise @Magione, to realize that AC will be the first real contender to LFS. Nine (..pun intended ?) long months of waiting later (I even tried iRacing in between) the early access version 0.1 went live on Steam. Instant buy (the first game I ever waited with so much impatience) and the original feeling was confirmed: Assetto Corsa is, at least in my book, a new benchmark ! Starting with physics and adding an excellent graphic engine, excellent FFB, laser scanned tracks, very detailed car models, lots of street cars, and we could go on.. On top of all, just mentioning the native modding support, should be enough to state that Assetto Corsa promises to stay around for the next few years.. or at least until Assetto Corsa 2 :).

    Currently, the last released version is 0.10.2*. There are major updates – new content, features, fixes – every two weeks or so, with the first version of Multiplayer released beginning of May.

    On a side note, thinking about the other titles already launched or just around the corner, there will definitely be a right flavor for everyone. It was kind’of silence for a few years but we can now say, once again: Good times are coming for the simracing community. Let there be time !

    PS: I am even ready to bet that LFS S3, when and if will ever be ready, will go in the same direction as Assetto Corsa in terms of physics : )
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