AI doesn't improve during qualifying session

Discussion in 'General' started by Foxeway, Feb 10, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a strange and frustrating problem and I am really desperate for a solution at this point.

    The problem is - the AI do not qualify properly during weekend mode. The car in question is Lotus 98T from Kunos, which is my favourite car in AC. For those unfamiliar with this car - it has cockpit operated turbo, which you (and the AI) can change the percentage of.

    Now, normally during qualifying, the AI will proceed as follows:
    - When they leave the pits, they will set their turbo to 30%. At the end of that lap, right before the last corner, they will change the turbo to 100%.
    - They set a quick lap with 100% turbo and as soon as they cross the finish line, they drop it back to 30%.
    - After that, they do one more lap, at the end of which they come back to the pits.

    So, during each qualifying stint the AI should repeat this pattern and do 3 laps - first lap with 30% turbo, second with 100% and third lap again with 30%. Back to the pits, new tyres, out of the pits and repeat.

    And this is where the problem begins - after completing their first qualifying stint and setting a lap time, they come back to the pits. However, instead of leaving them normally with 30% turbo, they immedietaly leave with 100%, do one quick lap straight out of the pits, then do one slower with 30% turbo and they come back to the pits after 2 laps instead of 3. Because of this, they never improve their lap time, so the first time they set will be their final lap time.

    This is extremely strange for two reasons:
    - Reason 1: The first time they qualify, everything seems to work perfectly. AI do 3 laps as they should, but as soon as they come back to the pits and want to leave them again, to set a new time, the problem occurs.
    - Reason 2: This doesn't happen on every track! It happens mostly on mod tracks, but there are exceptions: on some mod tracks, like Circuit of the Americas (acu) everything works perfectly and AI improve as the session progresses. Kunos tracks usually work perfectly as well, but there are exceptions to this as well - for example this problem occurs on Magione every time for me.

    I really don't know what to do at this point. Maybe changing the number of laps AI does during a qualifying stint from 3 to 4 would help, but firstly - I don't know how to do this, and secondly - it wouldn't address the core of the problem, which is - AI trying to set a new qualifying time straight after leaving the pits, not understanding this should be their out-lap.
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