Adding AC-sector blocks to converted tracks

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by Steven Luppino, Mar 11, 2018.

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    Jan 13, 2018
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    Hi everyone,

    I am having a few problems with adding all your ac-pit, start and timer blocks to a converted track in order basically to tape an AI path. I am using 3dsimed. I got the ac_pit_0 to work ok, then I put in all the timer ones and hot_lap one and went out to tape a fast path for the AI in order to get the cameras in, but the AI path won't record.

    My first guess is they're not working. The timer for the start of the lap doesn't start when you cross the start line (where the timer_0 is positioned) so it tells me it is not working.

    I did one track before using the same program, same method and same blocks for the pits, timers, etc that I tried using foe this one and the timer worked well and AI path was able to be recorded with due respect.

    So the whole thing has me thinking I am wasting my time without doing further research to find the right way to do it. So a good tutorial if anyone new of one would be the first from the list of replys I'd be looking for. For example, "How to put an AI path into a converted track for Assetto Corsa" with things to look out for would be good to help save the time sometimes.

    Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

    EDIT: no problem, got them to work. Only need to keep shifting them till they work.
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