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Seat Ibiza - Stock | VR6 | VR6 T | Mid-Engine T 0.97 + fixes

Work-in-progress [released], by Bobskype

  1. Bob's latest version 0.97 + Sound Fix

    Looks like Bobskype DID work on this until recently, so current version is 0.97. Almost all the known issues were fixed, except for the fuel gauges and some transparency issue with inside windows.

    This version does NO change to existing files, it just fixes the sound so that is works on AC 1.2. All the rights and recognition for this pack belongs to Bobskype & friends.


    Release notes
    Version 0.97 includes the...
  2. Prepared for AC 1.2 update + Sound Fix

    No change to the original files (except for the fixes), and all the rights on this pack still belong to Bobskype.

    - sounds working ok
    - compatibility with latest AC updates ok

    Just delete previous folders and replace with these ones.

    FFB will go in the wrong directions at times, but this bug was already present since last Bobskype's release.

    Not much on our side. Hopefully, Bobskype will find some time...
  3. 0.99 Improvements all over the place :D

    Version 0.91 includes the following versions:

    -Stock, 1.4L 4 cylinder
    -Modified, VR6 from Golf GTI
    -Mid engine, Turbo Ibiza
    -Modified, Turbo 1.8 20v turbo version

    Bobskype: "All of them have the bodies UV-unwrapped, and AO baked so they look nicer and may be skinned. Physics have all been gone through yet again, I'm very happy with how they are now."
  4. 0.88 (except VR6 version)

    Update 0.88, signed Bobskype.

    However, this does not include VR6 Turbo version, due to FMOD sound complications. Will no doubt come later, once modders all over will get the grips of fmod workflow.

    Meanwhile, thank you Bob for yet another one of your works.
  5. Added Mid engine, Turbo Ibiza

    Added the NEW: -Mid engine, Turbo Ibiza (version 0.7)

    The mid engine version is something you could see built in a guy's garage. A donor car was used, and the engine front suspension was grafted to the rear of the vehicle. Still has the same 1.4 4 banger, but with a turbo it makes a bit more power. Don't be expecting an insane beast of a car though. It's meant to have balance, and fun.

    NOTE: available as a tunning version, under the normal ibiza in-game.

    One more thank you to Bobskype, and...
  6. Version 0.85

    Bobskype managed to find some time in his busy schedule for a new update :). Than you.

    -Disabled animations in showroom
    -New geometry for VR6 and VR6 turbo
    -Higher COG for VR6 and VR6 turbo
    -40 kg added to stock version
    -Fixed fuel tank position
    -Gauge lights work
    -Numerous shader and graphical updates
    -Fixed (hopefully) windsheild
    -Updated tire's relaxation value per kunos suggestion
  7. graphical & handling improvements

    Bobskype, made some new improvments
    - shader updates
    - handling/physics updates

    Reminder, three versions are included:
    -Stock, 1.4L 4 cylinder
    -Modified, VR6 from Golf GTI
    -Insane, Turbo VR6 from Golf GTI
  8. Physics improvements and a new tunned version

    V0.5.6 is up. Bobskype says:
    Thank you Bob !
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