Seat Ibiza - Stock | VR6 | VR6 T | Mid-Engine T 0.97 + fixes

Work-in-progress [released], by Bobskype

  1. luchian
    Originally made for Rigs of Rods by Mythbuster, Bobskype got the permission to port it to AC. And good for us :)

    Three versions under development :
    -Stock, 1.4L 4 cylinder
    -Modified, VR6 from Golf GTI
    -Insane, Turbo VR6 from Golf GTI
    +NEW mid-engine, Turbo

    The mid engine version is something you could see built in a guy's garage. A donor car was used, and the engine front suspension was grafted to the rear of the vehicle. Still has the same 1.4 4 banger, but with a turbo it makes a bit more power. Don't be expecting an insane beast of a car though. It's meant to have balance, and fun.




    Mythbuster- Making the car and help with testing
    Vasilis- Making the BBS rims for the VR6 version
    Pankykapus- Positioning of the driver
    Kunos- Car sounds and providing us with this awesome sim
    Bobskype- Porting from Rigs of Rods


    -When online or if the AI drivers use the car, the front wheels steer in the opposite direction.
    -Wipers and doors don't open properly in the showroom
    -Rims for the stock version do not show up in the showroom
    -Fuel gauge does not work yet
    -Driver position still needs minor adjustments

    Uploaded with permission from Bobskype.
    DO NOT modify this with intentions of releasing or uploading somewhere.
    DO NOT upload this vehicle anywhere without asking Bobskype first.

Recent Reviews

  1. Christian 1987
    Christian 1987
    Version: 0.97 + fixes
  2. Daniel NEmeth
    Daniel NEmeth
    Version: 0.91
    I love this.
    Thx. You are the best!
  3. MisterWink
    Version: 0.6.9
    Love This Car ^^
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