Motorpark Romania 0.4.0

Very early version of Motorpark circuit situated in Adancata, Romania

  1. Physics layer (& goodies)

    Hi all,
    New update for the track. I have included the ini files in the previous posts, but most importantly we now have a physics layer (first run; only on the main loop - this way we can compare better). Give it some laps, with friends or AI :).


    Appreciate all feedback, but please be constructive. Have fun.

    -added pits fences
    -added TV cam set 1
    -added TV cam set 2 (by Gabriel44)
    -added physics layer (first version) for main loop
    -added brake...
  2. Small fix

    -the part of the PITS not visible under new terrain was annoying. The entire area will be reworked, but until then, this still looks better (at the expense of some z-fighting from high up)
  3. Final Road (maybe)

    Let's test the road layout once more. This is mainly referring to turns, camber, elevations.

    Physical layer (for better FFB) is yet to come.

    Once we "freeze" layout, some goodies are waiting in the oven to be placed :).

    Don't hesitate to post feedback.

    delete previous version
    unpack under \STEAM\...\assettocorsa\content\tracks
  4. Test that turn

    Technically it's still within "end of the week" :D. Anyhoo.. please test and report back if that turn feels better or not compared to real life. Thank you.
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