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TUTORIAL Start with Sound Modding - Quick Guide

Discussion in 'Sounds' started by Just Kauser, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Just Kauser

    Just Kauser New Member

    May 21, 2017
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    Short tut.: Go to : Assetto Corsa\sdk\audio\AC Audio Pipeline 1.9.pdf
    Look for: "The FMod Studio version used is: XXXXXX"

    In my case it is: v 1.08.12. But in my AC version the new cars from the last update have no sound, so
    i suspect they use now an other version for the future.

    The AC Audio Pipeline.pdf includes all necessary informations to start with a new engine sound project.

    And you can use the example project.

    Read you in! Then you have no problems. when you are to lazy for this, you can give up here! ;9

    Now register at fmod.com and log in.

    Now go to downloads and choose your version here:

    And download it for your OS. (Not API)

    Now you can start with you engine sound experiments!

    More information:
    To get sound samples you can use old rfactor mods, extract them with FsbExtractor from AC sounds or other games, etc. or
    record good youtube car sound vids or your own car with a good microphon like a Tascam DR-05: Tip for lazy Takumi: maybe you use something like that for you next onboard drift video, would be great.

    Here is a tutorial for recording good youtube car sound:

    For the AE86 sound mod i mainly edited the internal and external engine sound.

    For the internal sound i use samples for OnPedal sounds and OffPedal sounds and make an extra track for the exhaust sounds. Internal the exhaust sound is converted to Prologic as sound comes from your back.

    Now it works with my PROLogic Surround System. To do this i convert the sample to mono in audacity. Create a new stereo track and copy the original mono sample to r Channel and the inverted mono sample to l Channel. You can test the surround with converting the new stereo channel again to mono now you should have a flate line.

    For the external sound i just used the mono sample without the prologic modification.

    Now back in Fmod studio i use the volume curves from the onpedal track to improve the sound by
    make it loudness logarithmic proportional to the engine torque. The offpedal noises results
    for the most part from the friction so it become louder with higher rpm. The exhaust sound results from the
    air-fuel-mixture so it become louder with higher power. And power get more with higher rpm.

    When i am lucky with my internal sound, i am delete the external example sound samples and copy my internal sound sample into the event. Now i change my prologic samples with the mono samples and add at the a 3-Way-Equalizer and a Reverb. I make the exhaust sound a lot louder then the engine sound. And play with the EQ and the reverb until it sound very good and realistic.

    I hope you are lucky with my tutorial Luchian!
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  2. luchian

    luchian Administrator ACM Racing Team ACM Club Driver

    Jun 3, 2014
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    I am indeed lucky (and happy) with your tutorial @Just Kauser , thank you very much for taking the time ! Probably some questions will follow when I will give this a go. I'm curious of what one might obtain :).
  3. Just Kauser

    Just Kauser New Member

    May 21, 2017
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    Nice, my program works: