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Discussion in 'Tracks' started by GRLap, Oct 9, 2021.

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    Mar 15, 2021
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    I have a complete mesh for my track but it has inaccuracies versus the real-world track. For example, I need to widen the track in places, particularly in the corners, and add some banking to some of the the corners. A good example is in the photo below. This turn needs to be much wider, and should be banked into more of a "bowl" shape with positive camber.

    I am not nearly experienced enough to know the right approach for adding on to the mesh, and adding the banking, and am hoping someone can provide advice.

    I'd think it's "easier" to add mesh to the inside of the corner, i.e. at the apex, rather than around the outside. I read about bezier curves and thought maybe that's the way to add mesh, i.e. widen the track? And for adding banking to corners I was thinking maybe proportional editing with the rotate tool? But rather than me fumbling around in the dark I'd like to ask the experienced track builders.

    Thanks in advance. More detailed answers appreciated as I'm slow. T6.jpg
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    Not sure what you are using to create your track…

    but in 3ds max, blender, etc, we usually modify the splines/curves that are required to create a road mesh. The mesh should follow the curve as you bank it, widen it, etc
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    May 2, 2021
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    Since the screenshot looks like blender, you can use the mira tools plugin to manipulate an existing edge edge sort of like a bezier curve, but it´s not great for creating banking and things like that.

    Now, you say "my track" but based on the look and the fact that you want to tweak it after the model is done, I´d guess it´s a gmotor convertion; in that case im not sure how good proportional editing would be, maybe bezier curves would be more usefull but the process is more involved...

    You´d basically have to take the outer edges and maybe the middle edge of the track, turn them to bezier curves and dissolve some of the verts so you can stretch the curves and add the banking more easily, then reconstruct the mesh from the curves or fit the old mesh to the new one
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