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Discussion in 'Tracks' started by Carxsideways0, Jun 3, 2023.

  1. Carxsideways0

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    Mar 4, 2023
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    I was working on a track and I wanted to do a bit of texture painting to blend textures together but when I loaded into kseditor I couldn’t only use one texture at a time the the scaling on the texture was off

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  2. Ryno917

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    Dec 31, 2017
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    You can't expect all features of an expansive 3D software to work in a game engine. Just because Blender can do it doesn't mean AC can.

    In AC, you need to use a multilayer shader with an RGB image mask to determine which textures show up on your mesh. You could paint the RGB mask directly in Blender, however. There's a great post on the RD forums by Lilski covering how the shader works (shown in use for a road shader, but the process is the same for any application of the shader, just with different textures and shader settings).
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