Question. Resize wheel in game????

Discussion in 'Car Models | Physics' started by evadelsol evadelsol, Nov 20, 2023.

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    Nov 19, 2023
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    Hi everyone, I'm Italian and I don't speak English. I'm using google translator. forgive my inaccuracies. I decided to join this forum to be able to share my recent interpretation of a stock Honda Civic eg6 jdm. but now I have a question to ask someone who is an expert in 3D programs and content managers and the graphic rendering of mods. I couldn't make the wheels and rims of the EG6 in game bigger. I have found that by varying certain parameters in the.ini files in the data folder it is possible to get the desired settings in real time in the showroom. But I haven't found a file.ini that allows me to enlarge the wheels and so in game the wheels return to the "data file" dimensions which I can't find. Can anyone tell me the file where I need to go to make the changes I want?
: Wheel, Rims, Resize
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