QUESTION Noob wants to modify a Kunos model, is it allowed?

Discussion in 'Car Models | Physics' started by nfc94, Oct 12, 2021 at 5:37 PM.

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    Aside from some skins and data editing, I have never actually done a lot of serious AC modding. I have an idea I would like to materialize myself one day, and I doubt other modders will be interested in doing it, seeing how most are only focused in formula cars and GT3 cars.

    I would like to do a manual swap of the LaFerrari. Remove its hybrid components (with the correspondent de-tuning), the dual clutch transmission and all driving aids, and stick the 6 speed transmission from the F50. Basically, turning it into a modern McLaren F1. I have an F50 model I can take elements from, but the problem is that I'm a total noob when it comes to 3d modeling. I did some basic stuff in Blender recently to fix a car model, but this would require knowledge I simply don't have, at least yet. Plus I'm not sure if this is legally allowed, although I've seen plenty of mods using modified Kunos models.

    What I want to do would require removing all physical evidence of the car's hybrid powertrain (electric charge door, orange cords in the engine bay, and some buttons in the interior) plus all the DCT related controls (paddle shifters, electronic parking brake, the three buttons on that carbon fin in the center console) and somehow insert the gear lever, parking brake handle and also modifying the pedals. Then I would need to modify the physics, although I don't think that will be too complicated for me to do. I did some basic data modding in the past.
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    You can do whatever you want, as long as its kept for private use... The mods you've been seeing floating around are illegal, and often come from various un-monitored sources, ie facebook...
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