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Wagnums Graphics Mod 7.2

Filter/weather mod for a realistic look with a subtle flare to make AC look as good as it handles :)

  1. WagnumPI
    (Above Picture is in Showroom Mode using my in game filter - Unfortunately cant achieve skies like that while racing...)

    Not expecting anything but if you wanted to donate feel free :)
    ***To get the most of this games visuals use the following as it is a game changer!***
    For my personal settings that add realism while not denting your lap times due to camera looking the wrong way see the following;
    What I have aimed to achieve with this mod is as realistic as possible with a subtle flare. Day light being nice and bright, overcast weather being atmospherically gloomy, and everything else in between looking just right :)

    This filter can be used for all weather and although it's designed for in car view, I still use it for taking all my exterior photo's etc.

    Unzip the folder and place the contents of the Wagnums graphics Mod folder into the Assetto Corsa root folder. Once done run the JSGME.exe and select Wagnum weather, SweetFX and Peter Boese Clouds and activate. Please note that the new clouds only consist of three files (There are 7 default ones) so make sure there are no more inside the following folder otherwise it will ruin the look of the skies - Assetto Corsa/Content/texture/clouds. I believe JSGME should take care of this but just in case

    Once in game you will need to select A-Wagnum or A-Wagnum S (Sharper, less bloom) filter.

    To return to standard weather and clouds just run JSGME again, deactivate my mods and activate the default ones instead.

    If you do not like using JSGME or are having problems, try doing it manually by moving the weather/cloud files from the MOD folder included and place them in their necessary location (Full detailed explanation of where everything needs to go is on page 15 on the support section under post 289) Do this also with the filter in the system folder provided.

    To Remove Vignette for triple screen players
    Open the filter using notepad (steamapps/common/assettocorsa/system/cfg/ppfilters/A-Wagnum.ini) scroll down until you find the section named vignette and lower the setting or drop to zero to completely eliminate it

    Some of the other great filters out there aim to achieve a real look but they either cut out a lot of the effects to try and achieve this or go over the top with them to make it look as flashy as possible (most arcade racing games do this as well).
    Cutting out all the effects removes things that perhaps only camera lenses pick up rather than the eye but if you are clever with these effects and use them just a touch, you not only make the game look more appealing but more realistic since these slight effects end up creating imperfections within the image and so it no longer looks too clean, crisp and clinical.
    Going the other end of the spectrum, if you have the capability to add these effects a lot of people go over board with them since they think "well whats the point in using them if you can hardly see them". My answer to that is like ive said before, if you use sparingly it removes that clinical edge so that the image looks more real.

    In real life the world is so much more detailed and the way light works is so much more complicated than in this game engine so without subtle effects you will never get it looking closer to reality

    Please review to let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions?

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