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Vaz-2106 0.9.99 + fixes

Club Racing Version, by BuzyWuzy and friends

  1. Prepared for AC 1.2 update + Sound Fix

    No change to the original files (except for the fixes), and all the rights on this pack still belong to Bobskype.

    - sounds working ok
    - compatibility with latest AC updates ok


    Just delete previous folders and replace with these ones.

    For first time users, unpack to \STEAM\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars
  2. Update: Stock & Club versions

    Working sounds
    Working lights

    Now available in two versions:

    Vaz 2106 Stock
    bhp : 75.5 bhp
    torque : 116Nm
    weight : 1035kg
    topspeed : 150 kmh
    acceleration : 0-100 in 16s
    pwratio : 13.7 kg/bhp


    Vaz 2106 Club
    bhp : 183 bhp
    torque : 137Nm
    weight : 980kg
    topspeed : 200 mph
    acceleration : 0-100 in 6s
    pwratio : 5.35 kg/bhp