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Seat Ibiza - Stock | VR6 | VR6 T | Mid-Engine T 0.97 + fixes

Work-in-progress [released], by Bobskype

  1. Added Mid engine, Turbo Ibiza

    Added the NEW: -Mid engine, Turbo Ibiza (version 0.7)

    The mid engine version is something you could see built in a guy's garage. A donor car was used, and the engine front suspension was grafted to the rear of the vehicle. Still has the same 1.4 4 banger, but with a turbo it makes a bit more power. Don't be expecting an insane beast of a car though. It's meant to have balance, and fun.

    NOTE: available as a tunning version, under the normal ibiza in-game.

    One more thank you to Bobskype, and all the cool content he is releasing.
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