Paul Ricard Castellet 0.9.7

An awesome work-in-progress, by Tony Messagers

  1. Update to 0.9.1

    From this version on, the link will take you to the author's site, where you can see the older versions as well, should you wish to try them. Please give Tony a shout (or a donation) if you appreciate his work. It truly is awesome, and hopefully we'll see more like this from all serious modders out there.

    New in v0.9.1:

    -Two Layouts (Tourism, GT, 24H) & (Prototype)
    -Shaders and texture balance based on Spa-Francorchamps (tree, kerbs, strips…)
    -New penalty zones. (multiplayer)
    -All building added.
    -Crowd added.
    -Yellow pots collidable removed.
    -Audi R8 static Safety car added.
    -Track agent added.
    -3D Grass.
    -Flags animation.
    -Trees animation.
    -Gumball display bug, fixed. (rubber parts)
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