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Paul Ricard Castellet 0.9.7

An awesome work-in-progress, by Tony Messagers

  1. luchian
    AC member tony.messagers started this back in july, and continued work as his time allowed it. Even though today the public version is "only" 0.4.1 (current version 0.8.2), the track really show its quality and will definitely be one of the "must have" in Assetto Corsa. Scratch that. It already IS. It's that good.

    Original Release Notes:
    It's with pleasure that I present you the Paul Ricard HTTT track in progress v 0.8.2
    This track is made with the real height datas and tracing.
    The modeling is on Maya, based on IGN datas and satellite datas.


    If you enjoy this track and you'd like to say thanks or support the author, you can do so by using his donate buttons. Trust me, it's worth it :).


    Released Versions History

    New in v0.9.1:

    -Two Layouts (Tourism, GT, 24H) & (Prototype)
    -Shaders and texture balance based on Spa-Francorchamps (tree, kerbs, strips…)
    -New penality zones. (multiplayers)
    -All building added.
    -Crowd added.
    -Yellow pots collidable removed.
    -Audi R8 static Safety car added.
    -Track agent added.
    -3D Grass.
    -Flags animation.
    -Trees animation.
    -Gumball display bug, fixed. (rubber parts)

    New in release v0.8.2:

    -New tree texture.
    -Grass texture updated.
    -3D grass added on the top part of track.
    -3D gumball added everywhere.
    -New cameras file from “Albert McSaltens”.
    -The white lines as an oject.
    -The yellow pots are colidable.

    New in v0.8.1:
    -Track upgrade details.
    -External environment 90% achieved.
    -Track 2015 version.
    -Tyre marks on track 100% achieved.
    -Tree at 90% achieved.
    -New Layout (no chicane in long straight).
    -Shaders upgraded.
    -New Kerbs added.
    -Pit lane upgrade details.
    -And Track named "Paul Ricard".

    New in v0.6.1:
    -Track upgrade details.
    -External environment 50% achieved.
    -Tyre thread on track 50% achieved.
    -New Sun position.

    New in v0.4.1
    -Race at 22 opponents and hotlap Fixed.
    -New trees.
    -Upgrade texture quality and shaders.
    -Pitlane upgrade details.
    -Add sector.
    -Cameras from "Albert McSaltens"
    -Starting grid.
    -Gum-balls added (for testing).
    -Started external environment.

    -Bad version!!! Please update on v0.4.1

    -Barriers and Walls 100% achieved.
    -Detail track added.
    -Pit-lane upgrade details.

    -Barriers and Walls 90% achieved.
    -Some track parts updated.
    -Pit-lane upgrade details.
    -Some textures updated
    -Bridge added.

    -Alls borders lines Red & Blue.
    -Some track parts updated.
    -Pit-lane upgrade details.
    -Pit-lane limiter.
    -Chronometer for Hot Lap and Start line.
    -Some wall & barrier added.
    -Cone removed.

    -Alls 3D Kerbs with normal map shaders.
    -Some track parts updated.
    -Pit-lane upgrade details.

Recent Updates

  1. Update to 0.9.7
  2. Update to 0.9.1
  3. Update to 0.8.2
  4. Update to 0.8.1
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