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Goodwood Circuit 0.99

A classic track which has been preserved and kept alive to this day

  1. 2018 March

    Hello, have done plenty of various stuff. Could be final, except AI. But if I will have time, then I will finish it for Goodwood Revival which will be September.

    To do:

    *Graphical tweaks*
    1. Some more detail to terrain texture;
    2. Improve building detail and textures;
    3. Transition meshes adjustments, mostly UV;
    4. Groove;
    5. Drainages in the track;
    6. Trash bins;
    7. Tow trucks;
    8. Slightly more people and classic dressing, and people with ubrellas for wet version;
    9. Possible optimisation...
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  2. tiniest ever fix for wet track puddles surface

    same version just with puddles enabled in wet track