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GoKart 0.5c

Karts for Assetto Corsa (50cc, 100cc, 125cc & 125cc shifter)

  1. cercata
    This is based in the GoKart 0.3a from rex1825.
    The MOD was quite complete, but some .ini files had some values that I guess were there for testing.
    With very few changes, I made some improvements:

    • IA doesn't seem drunk anymore
    • IA is much more competitive
    • Karts take less Damage
    • Pilot head not visible for VR
    • Automatic gears now work
    • Suspension & Tyres more realistic
    • Stuttering fixed
    • Tyre model updated to V10
    • 3 Tyres available for every kart (Soft, Medium, Hard)
    I added also 3 karts, similar to the ones you can usually rent, to complement the 4 competition models, so this are the karts:
    • 270cc -> 8bhp, 150kg
    • 390cc -> 12bhp, 150kg
    • 250cc -> 28bhp, 143kg
    • 50cc -> 13bhp, 70kg
    • 100cc -> 22bhp, 71kg
    • 125cc -> 31bhp, 71kg
    • 125cc shitfer -> 41bhp, 74kg

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