Formula Student UCM 2016 0.9

UCM 2016 FSAE Car

  1. garyjpaterson
    UCM 2016 Formula Student car for Assetto Corsa

    Do not redistribute or rehost any of the content of this mod without seeking permission from Gary Paterson (

    Thank you for downloading the UCM 2016 Formula Student car for Assetto Corsa. Please take a few minutes to read through this brief guide in order to make the most of this content.


    Drag and drop “” into Content Manager.
    Unzip “UCM_2016_v1”, and paste the folder “UCM_2016” into “assetto corsa/content/cars”.

    Pay no attention to this value (or fuel consumption), the fuel setup menu is mandatory and the default ‘100 litres’ has no mass, so will not impact anything. Fuel needed for AI to work properly.

    There are some strange issues regarding revving the engine when in neutral. Do not use the clutch, just put it in gear and go. I was unable to disable the clutch without it defaulting to autoclutch which would slow down the starts (hence why the AI are slow to get going, they are forced to use autoclutch).
    RPM value shown in any of the apps is after the reduction ratio of 11, so 1000=11000 motor RPM.

    Energy usage
    There are 2 ‘modes’ built into the car; Default is what would be used in real life, and is safe for continuous use. It includes a ‘peak power boost’ for approximately 1 second when pulling away from a standstill. The second is RWD only, and is just for fun – this effectively halves the power output though, so is much slower.

    Temperatures and pressures will likely overheat on faster circuits (that this car is not really designed for). There shouldn’t be too much wear overall though, unlikely to see much degradation.

    Known Issues:

    • Tyre texture has visible compression artefacts
    • No visible damage/dirt
    • External Cabling/Hoses are not animated

    Recommended Circuits:

    I’ve listed some circuits (and download links if not already included) that I feel are reasonably suited to the FSAE car, typically being quite short, tight and technical. Bear in mind the quality varies for the 3rd party tracks, but most of these should be reasonable.

    Original Circuit Included with Assetto Corsa:

    • Drift
    • Brands Hatch Indy
    • Highlands Short
    • Magione

    3rd Party Tracks:

    Formula Student Skidpad/Acceleration -
    Small selection of FSAE style skidpad and 75m accereration drag strip. To use the skippad correctly, enter the skidpad directly to the left of the spawn point, make 2 clockwise laps, 2 anti-clockwise laps then exit. These times can be compared to real FSAE skidpad times.

    Formula Student Autocross/Edurance -
    2 realistic FSAE Autocross configurations, no proper timing.

    Modena -
    2 layouts, small enough for the FSAE car to feel at home. Proper timing and AI lines (lap delta will work).

    VIR Kart Track -
    Small karting track with timing and AI (lap delta), quite rough but driveable.

    VIR Patriot Course -
    Slightly larger and faster track, but still small enough to be fun - again proper timing and AI.

    NJMP Kart Track -
    2 separate layout - no timing but a great challange nevertheless.

    Miseluk Gymakhana -
    Small track designed for drifting, ideal as an autocross circuit - included proper timing.

    Tor Poznan Drift -ń.6118/
    Potentially a great track, no proper barriers or timing yet.

    Okayama Kart Track -
    Fun layout, no timing.

    Hoono Flygplats -
    Small little autocross flag-to-flag track.

    I’ve included a small selection of colours and liveries, including the full 2016 UCM livery with all sponsors and a cut down version with only select sponsors.

    Skin templates can be downloaded here:


    • Gary Paterson - 3D Model, Textures, Physics
    • Kunos – SFX

    Special Thanks to University of Canterbury Motorsport ( for presenting me with this challenge, providing all the necessary data (both 3D CAD model and physics data) and of course giving permission to share it publicly.

    Enjoy! :)

    Full Progress Photo Album from start to finish:

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Recent Reviews

  1. luchian
    Version: 0.9
    Whenever I rate something, I always find something to be picky about. Not in this case. Supposing that I would have the same modelling skills (I don't), it is exactly the same way I would've liked to release this. From the details in the description, to suggestion of tracks.
    This mod is not about the technical details of the car "per se" - something like this could never compete with the giants of the racing world, so this is not what I am rating. My vote is for the execution. Every detail seems to have been considered. I find this kind of release as an example of how (final) stuff should be released. Absolutely impressive work !
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