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Blackwood - GP Track 0.9.9

Live For Speed conversion, by Tiago Lima

  1. 0.9.9

    Another update by Tiago. Thank you :)

    -improved tree lighting
    -fixed some more holes
    -tweaked grass texture
    -tweaked tarmac texture
    -pits tarmac texxture now equals tarmac texture
    -improved bumpmap in some objects
    -fixed flying tires
  2. Tiago released a new update, version 0.9.8

    -fixed a big hole after the big straight and in one of the pit garages
    -changed tarmac settings
    -tweaked tree shader
    -added skid/brake marks
    -Track cameras by flashcro

    -new shaders for trees
    -fixed holes one the entrance of the rally cross track
    -fixed pit garage exit in all 32 garages ( bump that there was there)
    -tires in the chicane are no longer flying
    -pit lane now was 80 km/h speed limit
    -hd preview and track map by tim_o:lol: (now there is track map ingame)
    -fixed some flying grass...
  3. More Grass & Bug Fixes

    Update 0.9.4

    -fixes some grass flying in t1 , and some weird grass on left hand side in the big straight

    Update 0.9.3
    Blackwood Minor fixes

    -fixed holes around the track
    -some fixes on the first chicane
    -added more grass on the corner after the straight
    -fixed building in the distance
    -fixed some objects shaders