Bathurst Legends 1969 &1972 Skin pack 2014-08-31

46 car skin pack

  1. NWRAP
    Bathurst Legends 1969 & 1972 skin pack for Shelby Cobra 427 S/C
    46 skins in total


    I'm just lucky that these cars existed for real and I just made them all for the Cobra mod..... Lost of these cars you would never ever see on a Cobra let alone a ford body BUT well I think they fit well and I have tried to keep the feel for the original cars.

    Not all cars are 100% accurate as far as sponsor locations go BUT all sponsors are from the original cars

Recent Reviews

  1. luchian
    Version: 2014-08-31
    Nothing less than amazing ! Only problem will be to decide which one to use :D. Thank you !
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