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bmw_z4_gt3 RACE_SET @ Silverstone

Discussion in 'Car Setups' started by ihlades, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. ihlades

    ihlades Co-admin Racing Zone ACM Racing Team ACM Club Driver

    Sep 19, 2014
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    Bucharest, RO
    Hi guys, I want to share the setup that I used in a GT3 race @Silverstone (the full GP layout). It's worth mentioning a few points about it:

    • I stiffened up the rear and slightly softened the front to get a more neutral (actually oversteery) setup.
    • The front slow rebound dampers are stiff to obtain a netrual-to-oversteery balance out of slow corners.
    • The aero and brake settings are quite safe, but you can play around with those.
    • The setup will start with soft tires, but it's actually meant to be used with medium tires.
    I managed to do a 2:03.2 during the actual race; it was towards the end of the race so the tires weren't fresh at all.

    You might want to rely on the TC (6/12) and ABS (4/8) for this setup, because that's how I tuned and used it. Also, you can gain a lot of time by braking into the apex.

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