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Tandem_Drift 0.9

Drift Free Room

  1. MisterWink
    Sooo Drifter Now Is RDY
    Track V0.9 Tandem_drift
    Now you can download the full layout of Tandem Drift Track
    including the closed drift layout & the full one to enjoy all the different styles of drift starting from "Tandems in multiplayer/
    Close Drifts/
    Long Drifts/
    Wall Taping & clipping points".
    Track includes a 30pits for highest number of multiplayer servers & tested out through developing for heavy usage & fps performance marked out very smooth.

    Release Note ::
    Replay Camera's still not working & will be fixed in the next first track update.

    Enjoy the track everyone & happy sliding.
    Thx - Omar El-Sherbene for test and more
    2015-03-19_00002.jpg 2015-03-19_00006.jpg 2015-03-19_00008.jpg 2015-03-20_00001.jpg 2015-03-20_00002.jpg 2015-03-20_00003.jpg 2015-03-20_00005.jpg 2015-03-20_00006.jpg 2015-03-20_00008.jpg 2015-03-20_00009.jpg 2015-03-20_00010.jpg