Donington Park 2018, [GP & National] 2.01

The heart of British motorsport, by BrunUK

  1. luchian

    There are currently 2 versions of Donington released for Assetto Corsa. Both are made by the same talented modder, BrunUK. And both look stunning. However, the 2018 version, is something special. I am not referring to the layout per se, or the quality of track objects; I'm speaking about the overall look. It is perfect. And I don't use this term easily.
    At least on my PC, the color balance and the "clarity" of the render is the best I have seen on Assetto Corsa, including the official tracks. I love it.
    Texture work is flawless*, frame rate is high, 3d grass has "presence" (whatever you might understand from this :D) and the overall atmosphere is mesmerizing.

    Donington Park is the oldest motorsport circuit in the UK still in operation. Originally part of the Donington Hall estate, it was first used for motorsport on Whit Monday in 1931 on the narrow lanes that formed the access roads of the hall. The track was widened in 1933, made permanent and became a venue for Grand Prix car racing, with the final pre-war races featuring the legendary Auto Union Silver Arrows driven by Bernd Rosemeyer and Tazio Nuvolari.

    The circuit was closed at the outbreak of World War II, and was requisitioned by the Ministry of Defence to be used as a military vehicle depot. The land was purchased by businessman Tom Wheatcroft in 1971 who rebuilt the circuit and established the famous Grand Prix Collection at the site.

    Racing returned in 1977 and the circuit quickly became one of Europe's premier venues. With the addition of the Melbourne Loop section in 1985 came Grand Prix motorcycle racing with the first World Championship Grand Prix event in 1987. Eventually becoming known as MotoGP, Donington was the host venue for 23 years, and was also the location for the debut round of World Superbikes in 1988, an event still held at the circuit today. One of the most famous events at the restored circuit was the 1993 European Formula One Grand Prix, which was dominated by Ayrton Senna and featured the legendary opening lap, still described by many as the best in F1's history.

    Under new ownership, ambitious plans to host the Formula One British Grand Prix from 2010 onwards were left unrealized, and with the circuit in a state of disrepair, racing ceased once more at the end of 2009.

    History repeated itself in 2010 as Kevin Wheatcroft, son of Tom, rescued the circuit and rebuilt the areas left heavily damaged by the previous leaseholders. Motorsport returned to the circuit once more in the Autumn of 2010.

    MotorSportVision acquired Donington Park circuit in 2017 and has already made significant improvements following a winter programme of major investment. The future of this circuit is now assured and its reputation growing by the day.

    Tumultuous history for the real circuit. Luckily, we don't have to worry about that in digital realm, and thanks to modders like Brun, a "photograph" at one point in time can be enjoyed at the wheel of our favorite virtual car.

    Should you wish to support the colossal effort for building a track like this, you can DONATE the the author.

    (*) just missing the alpha layer setting for the bushes behind the race paddock :D.

    version 2.01
    Fixed missing LODs on grass
    version 2.00
    Updated to represent Donington in 2018
    Instals as a separate track so can be used without removing the 'vintage' version
    Too many aesthetic improvements to list
    Made penatlies more consistent with Kunos tracks. No penalties for running onto grass, but added specific 'no-cut' areas at the chicane and apexes of certain corners
    KN5s are now more discrete so loading of the crowd can be disabled if desired

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  1. Mohat6
    Version: 2.01
    Love to drive again on this fabulous track
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