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Shelby Cobra Street & Competition 1.2

One of the legends on 4 wheels, the Cobra, by the_meco & pankykapus

  1. Update to 1.0 RC version

    Lots of things happened since the first releases of this car. But definitely the most impressive is Kunos's gesture: seeing the quality of this mod (and indeed kudos to the authors) they decided to license the car officially. So, they got in contact with Shelby, got the license for the S/C version, and then made the_meco & panky's mod official content. How awesome is that ? :)
    Congrats to everybody involved in the project, and speaking on my behalf stories like this helps restoring faith in the modding scene :rolleyes:.

    So what's new:
    Shelby Cobra 427 S/C is now official AC content (so not included in the current mod anymore).
    Folder name: shelby_cobra_427sc

    The Shelby Cobra 427 street car and Shelby Cobra 427 replica (S1) are still mods, so download and install as usual.
    Folder names (Mod):
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