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    Hello to all modders friends,
    I'm starting my first discussion in this forum (I presented myself in the appropriate section).
    I want to start complimenting with all the people in this community, who are extremely prepared.
    I'm new in this world, it is a few days since I started working on my first car after a long time used to read guides and watch videos on the basis of modding. I'm also new to the modeling software I'm using: 3D Studio Max. I work in the world of 3D mechanical cad design, so I know about parametric 3D modeling (I usually use Catia, Inventor and Solidworks) which, however, shares some concepts with the world of vector and animated graphic modeling.
    That said, here's my project:

    The idea is to import the car model in ''.seh'' format from a rFactor mod to 3DsimED software. The car in question is a Lola F3000 Zytek hill climb (wonderful). I imported the model to 3dsimED and realized that the wheels textures behaved in a strange way. They were alternated showing their '' static '' and then '' moving '' configuration in a completely autonomous way(I enclose images). I then exported the textures of the entire car to a folder, and converted the model
    in ''.max''. After opening the file in 3ds I realized that it looks different, in fact the wheels are composed by two objects, one of these which is not visible in 3DsimED. (I attach pictures). In addition the black area visible in the rim is empty.
    I assume all this is for the in-game wheels's animation. How to use wheel textures for Assetto Corsa now? (obviously I have both the moving and static wheels textures)
    I would be very happy if someone wants to guide me or recommend a tutorial to how to configure the model for Assetto corsa.
    I apologize if I have not been clear or if there is any mistake in my English.

    Thanks everyone.


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