Quebrada de Ocharaza 0.9a

Point to Point desert track in Chile

  1. MLT

    This track is located in the nothern part of Chile, in the Tarapacá region, within the Atacama desert boundaries, about 60km ( 37 miles ) from the Chilean/Bolivian border.

    Length: 23,75 km ( 14,75 miles )
    Width: 8 meters aprox.
    Pitlanes: 24 (WARNING: ATM, 24 might sometimes cause clusterfuck in some areas )

    The layout starts at the top of a hill which then slowly enters the Ocharaza gorge, hence the name of the track ( "quebrada" means "gorge, ravine" )

    You can expect very long straights where you can max out your car and also very closed curves which can bring you flying out in no time if you don't have your $hit together.

    For a first time great experience I've added a small list of recommendations to make the track look at its finest. These are based upon the real skies and temperatures you'd have in the region.

    Best sky setup for the track:
    a) Clear ( original )
    b) gbW_Clr
    c) gbW_Few Summer
    d) gbW_Summer

    Best time of day for any of the skies above:
    a) 10:30 - 11:30
    b) 17:00 - 18:00

    a) 10°C ( night )
    b) 25°C ( day )

    Best overall sky setting:
    gbW_Summer + 18:00 hrs. ( gives you that nice orange sunset )

    Track Surface:
    I'd say this is usually between "Fast" and "Optimum". Its very very dry there, so the most you have on the road is little dust and dirt which flies with the wind.

    a) Improve AI
    b) Fix minor details
    c) Add crowds
    d) Add cameras
    e) The resting 39% of hand made bumps that currently are kindda replaced by surface code.
    f) finish making it "night ready"

    There are many plans for future versions of the track.

    a) Add the parallel running, curvy dirt road which covers some areas behind the left side mountains, and connects back to the paved track close to the end.

    b) Add the full road to Chusmiza, the village houses seen on the right hillside in the distance, so you can visit it.

    c) Add other little roads present along the way.


    It would be great if you can share your thoughts and comments, so I can use the feedback to bring this to version 1.0, thanks! :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. anto apando
    anto apando
    Version: 0.9a
    hello, your circuit is very pretty but impossible to roll on, I explain: the steering wheel shakes hugely, there is too much back force, it is unplayable. can you do something?
    1. MLT
      Author's Response
      Sure thing! ;) It would be of great help if you can share your force feedback settings within Assetto Corsa. I'm pretty sure not everyone has the same values. This is the main reason I've been asking a lot of people to share their settings, so I can get an idea of how pronounced the bumps should be, according to the mean value settings of other people.

      I've already started to reduce the bumps, but since most of them are handmade it's a long process. I do have one suggestion that might help you meanwhile.

      1) Go to the track's data folder: "assettocorsa\content\tracks\mlt_ocharaza\data"

      2) Open up surface.ini, scroll to the end and remove the whole text belonging to [SURFACE_3] and the name as well.

      3) Save and try out the track again. You should have less bumpiness.

      I will try to upload a fix today, since tomorrow I'm going to a small vacation, I'll be back on Tuesday.

  2. Xerec
    Version: 0.9a
    I love it, how I missed driving the old Atacama. My first trip will be slow, enjoying the landscape.
    1. MLT
      Author's Response
      :D hehe, thanks mate.
      It really looks like people are having fun with the track, so to make you guys justice I will definitely take my time then to make a gorgeous v1.0.
      Thanks again for your review!
  3. noxxfaxx
    Version: 0.9a
    Una gozada de carretera, muchas gracias por compartirla.
    1. MLT
      Author's Response
      Thanks for trying it out. It would be nice if you could share your in-game force feedback settings. Saludos
  4. gvse
    Version: 0.9a
    A great track. Very atmospheric, especially driving towards the setting sun can feel great (though a bit blinding).
    I do experience the shaking of interior elements (probably due to the length of the track).
    Great job!
    1. MLT
      Author's Response
      Thanks @gvse!
      Looks like people are starting to like the track which is pretty awesome :D
      So I will try to make this a 1.0 during next week to fix most issues.
      The only thing I won't be able to fix is the wobbling due to the length of the track. Everything else YES.

      Thanks again, cheers!
  5. FenrirRacing
    Version: 0.9a
    very good!!!Look forward your update!
    1. MLT
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) . Could you share some comments on the force feedback, if you ran it with a wheel?

      Any issues that you encounter, even if it's the smallest detail, please let me know so I can fix and improve the track.

      Thanks again!
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