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Prato - Long & Short Layouts 1.21

Netkar Pro conversion, by DarkShinryu

  1. luchian
    The Prato track(s), from NetKar Pro.
    Conversion by DarkShinryu, kindly approved by Kunos.

    Versions history

    - Fixed green "kerbs"
    - Added cameras files (provided by JayJayRaceinho)

    - Better ui preview image for prato long
    - 21 pit boxes
    - Added tracks lenght in the ui info
    - Ai for both tracks, new ai for short layout (provided by Stepy)
    - A bunch of new textures
    - Adjusted a few shaders settings that i missed last time
    - Fixed bumpy white lines
    - Corrected start spawn positions
    - Working traffic lights
    - Fixed some invisible walls
    - Removed windows on the pit wall

    - Improved various shaders settings
    - More vivid texture colors for the kerbs
    - Green traffic lights looks like they're on
    - New texture for the first "TV" on the main straight
    - Glass panels look like glass when on the main straight (still looks 100% transparent in the pit lane)
    - Proper map.png and outline.png (provided by SandroX)
    - New ui previews images
    - 2 versions of ai fast lane for prato short layout (provided by Stepy)

    - First release

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  1. Rui Santos
    Rui Santos
    Version: 1.21
    Excellent conversion!