Paul Ricard Castellet 0.9.7

An awesome work-in-progress, by Tony Messagers

  1. Update to 0.8.1

    A LOT of work has been going on since version 0.6.1, and it shows.
    Also, on a administrative side, Tony has created a site to easily share this, you can check it by clicking the More Info Button (version 0.6.1 is also available).

    New in v0.8.1
    -Track upgrade details.
    -External environment 90% achieved.
    -Track 2015 version.
    -Tyre marks on track 100% achieved.
    -Tree at 90% achieved.
    -New Layout (no chicane in long straight).
    -Shaders upgraded.
    -New Kerbs added.
    -Pit lane upgrade details.
    -And Track named "Paul Ricard".

    If you enjoy this track and you'd like to say thanks or support the author, you can do so by using his donate buttons. Trust me, it's worth it :).

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