Lake Louise - a 22km/50km mountain epic - Official thread 2.08

A roller coaster road for your driving dreams

  1. Lucas L

    Version 2 trailer by Mr. Tabarnacos2 - Please like and subscribe!

    Lake Louise 2.0
    A Canadian mountain epic for Assetto Corsa

    Current version V2.08 - Updated March 9, 2016

    Change log:
    Increased lod of roads from 400m to 1200m due to bug with rift users not seeing road
    Tweaked West fwd/rev, lake fwd/rev and west downhill AI lines so they're competitive and less prone to crashing
    Camera files for the above layouts are included thanks to the amazing fans on the forum!
    Fixed invisible wall on Lake Loop layout
    For people who didn't have beta access, there has been many changes compared to V1.6
    Improved and longer layout, loop is now 23 km
    Forward and reverse directions for the Original West layout
    Forward and reverse directions for Lake Loop layout
    Fixed barriers which flipped cars
    More realistic mountain shapes and much fewer polygons for better FPS
    Trees now have collisions on trunks only
    29 pit slots anew new pit lane
    Multiplayer free roam version (with no AI line or camera however, that's how AC works)
    New objects and textures
    Echo sound effects
    Detailed physics layer for great FFB
    ...and so much more! The list literally goes on for pages, so you should just drive and find out

    • 23 km/50 km* of undulating and exciting roads, from single-lane bumpy mountain paths to four-lane wide highways
    • High definition road surfaces for amazing force feedback
    • Varied road surfaces for different driving feel
    • 5 / 12* layouts for AI racing, multiplayer cruising, or uphill/downhill drifting
    • Bravery testing jumps and breathtaking views
    • Reverb and echo sound effects
    Download printable track map PDF here

    1. Original Lake Louise Loop (forward and reverse) - 23 km
    2. Lake side loop (forward and reverse) - 8 km
    3. West downhill drift - 8 km
    4. Crowsnest loop (forward and reverse) - 21 km* (Red and Orange sections)
    5. Highway loop - 30 km* (Red, Blue, White and Green sections)
    6. Multiplayer free roam - any direction, 23 or 50 km*
    7. Crowsnest hill climb/downhill - 8 km*
    8. Grand loop - 50km* (all roads)
    *In “Donate whatever amount you like” version
    Original Lake Louise Loop

    Drive around the lake and wind your way around challenging hairpins and hills , avalanche tunnels, and jumps. Race or drift downhill in the new West downhill layout!

    Lake Side loop

    Go for a quick race or cruise on this 8 km loop around the beautiful Lake Louise in either direction

    If you enjoyed the free 23 km loop and want to support my efforts in making Lake Louise even better, donate whatever amount you like and gain access to an additional 27 km of roads, featuring:

    Crowsnest road

    Keep your hands on the wheel for this one lane twisty mountain road full of hairpins and bumps. Conquer the difficult triple jump on the most intense drive of your life!

    Highway and Ski Resort road

    Blast your way through four lane highways and swerving windy roads. Drive by the famous Canadian donut shop, Tim Hortons, on your way to the ski resort. It's the best road out there to stretch the legs of your supercar collection.
    Comments from Lake Louise V2 players:
    • This track is EPIC. I particularly like the differences in road surface... And the new roads are so much more similar to north american wide roads with huge asphalt shoulders - Ax|xA
    • I love long & complex tracks & this one is the king - Phil64
    • My favorite part are the old tarmac full of bumps. Simple amazing visually and FFB feel - Eduardo Aguiar
    • You guys using the rift for this? Let me tell you it's ridiculous to the max. Lake Louise is so good in vr. - djbordie
    • V2 is just a blast, best 5 bucks I spend in a while - Ace Pumpkin
    • Holy crap, hands down one of the most amazing drives in a sim I've had. The variety of sweepers, twisty roads, and hairpins with diverse cambering and crests was superb. Congratulations, you've made me run out of gas for the first time in the hundreds of hours I've played AC. It was that good - Apex5
    • I bought a racing seat, G27 and DK2 just because your track. It's like therapy to relax after dealing with daily madness. I don't even bother to drive on other tracks from the game.
    • Everyday when I come home I sit down, drive some relaxed laps around the lake -steam25

    Buy me a beer if you've enjoyed this track ;) It was all hand made with love :D Donators will have access to all 50 km of v2.0. After donation please go to and enter your email address to download.


    For the generous donators, thank you. Please go to and enter your email address to download. Do not install the free version, and do not use the 23 km free roam

    Download free 23 km 2.08 here - If you try to drive onto the extended loop, you will fall through the road
    Alternate download here

    Printable track map PDF

    Features coming soon:

    AI lines for Crowsnest/Highway/Grand loops
    Camera files for all layouts
    Support for Time trial mode
    Landscape textures are still work in progress and will be updated
    More objects and tweaks to come!

    How this road came to be:
    The Lake Louise road is based loosely on the real Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is a hybrid between the Nordschleife and a hill climb track. There are many fast and dangerous sections, with little place to take a breather. It is a road, not a race track, so the course is calibrated specifically for a road car.

    The design philosophy of the Lake Louise road centers on flow, speed, and danger. If you like driving fast, feeling undulations on the tarmac, and pushing the limit of grip even on the straight sections, you’ll enjoy this road. The road surface has been carefully modeled to mimic the vibrations and textures of a real road, giving you great feedback through a force feedback wheel. You and your car will catch air, slide through hairpins, ride the camber from bend to bend and conquer the mountain. The best part? It's a loop road so you can do it all over again!

    This road is designed like a real Canadian road - with the correct road and shoulder widths. In Canada, snow plows clear the roads in wintertime.Therefore there are no cats eye reflectors on the road. The road shoulders are also slanted downwards substantially to keep snowmelt off the road. The road conditions are not smooth like a race track; instead, you’ll encounter potholes and realistically paved asphalt. Because this road is located in snowy mountain regions, there are many frost heaves and bumps. If you’re driving a hardcore racing car,you can improve your experience by softening up the suspension (a lot).

    The free version of this road is 23 km long. The extended length Highway and Crowsnest sections are available as “Pay whatever you wish”. Donate via paypal, buy me a beer, and download the track at with your email address. I’ve spent hundreds of hours and my own money to make this track. If you do not wish to pay for a mod, drive the free version. It’s still one of the best and longest mod tracks ever developed for a racing simulation.

    Thanks for supporting me and have fun!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: The lake color is unnatural. A lake doesn't look like that!


    A: The real Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada contains glacial water, which has a lot of dust fines. This results in the reflection of blue light and thus the opaque color.
    Q: How did you make the landscape?
    A: It was entirely hand sculpted in a 3-D modeling program called Blender. I spent hundreds of hours meticulously creating the landscape features. Yep, I'm crazy like that.

    Q: Can you make some tree walls? More trees would be nice!
    A: Due to the nature of the track where viewing angles are widely variable, tree walls don’t look right from many angles

    Q: The track is too barren. Add more objects, please!
    A: More objects will be added in future updates.

    Q: This is so much fun! Can I buy you a beer?
    A: Yes, you can. Donate via Paypal from the forum link, and you’ll get access to the full-sized 50 km version as well !

    Q: Why do you want me to pay for a mod track? It should be FREE!
    A: Payment is optional for additional road sections. I made a 23km track from scratch, which I offer for free. Even at 23 km, it’s already the longest mod track out there and there are 5 free layouts. I spent over 1000 hours on this project and I’ve released several updates. I think that work is valuable.

    Q: My car is scraping on the edge of the road. What can I do to prevent this?
    A: The road edge is built as per highway code, so your car needs a setup change. You can't run a GT2 car on a race track setup in the mountains without suffering some scraping.

    Q: Why is this track so bumpy?
    A: It's not a freshly paved race track. Canada has a lot of snow and frost and that makes the road condition quite poor, especially in mountain passes. I’ve stayed true to this road condition for a more realistic experience. Use a softer setup to alleviate the bumpiness.
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Recent Reviews

  1. rookie.Z
    Version: 2.08
    nice work, thank you so much
  2. PenguinActually
    Version: 2.08
    The best road track for this game hands down in my opinion. Run many hundreds of laps in the 23km loop just having and good time trying not to crash. Suits road cars perfectly. Now I need the 50km track.
  3. huskeyone
    Version: 2.08
    Wow! This is so much fun to drive :)
  4. TTime
    Version: 2.08
    Greetings from Germany. Good work Sir. Love it to drive in the mountains
  5. Eva-Marie
    Version: 2.08
    One of the most fun tracks in AC. really suits old school Porsche cars and other cars alike.
    very impressive graphics, fun to drive and take in the scenery.
  6. Guidofoc
    Version: 2.08
    Huge track and beautiful landscapes.
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